Branden of the Hood

Wolf's head bandit patrolling the vale


To many of the smallfolk, he is a hero as he raids only those who have the coin to spare, but to the nobles of the region, he is little more than a filthy outlaw who should be hung.

It is said that Branden of the Hood can walk on smoke and vanish if there is a shadow, and that no blade forged by Men can slay him. It also said that he has prowled these lands since the first Lord Wayn and is, in truth, the shade of that lord’s doomed son come back to haunt the nobles. Others say he is the last surviving Targaryen intent on waging a silent war upon those who aided his family’s downfall.

Of course, it is also said that the Branden currently striking from darkness is actually Lord Wayn in disguise, so obviously, rumour is not something to rely on…

Branden of the Hood

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