Tomas Stone

Bastard of Wayn, distinguished himself in Robert's Rebellion


Adult Leader


Agility – 3 (3D-3 in mail)
Animal Handling – 3 – Ride 1B
Athletics – 3- Strength 1B
Awareness – 3
Endurance – 4 – Resilience 1B
Fighting – 4 – Long Blades 2B
Persuasion – 3
Status – 4 – Breeding 1B
Warfare – 4D+1 – Command 1B, Tactics 1B
Thievery – 1


Combat Defense – 9 (7 in Mail)
AR – 5 (in Mail)
Intrigue Defense – 9
Health – 12
Composure – 6
Destiny Points – 3

Combat Info


No armor Armor and Shield Armor
4/16 3/10 3/10
Weapon Damage
Bastard Sword 1-handed 4
Bastard Sword 2-Handed 5
shield 1

Benefits: Leader of Men; Sponsor (Ultimately to be replaced with Heir); Talented (Warfare)
Drawbacks: Bastard Born; Flaw – Thievery; Nemesis


bastard sword, Mail, Shield, Courser (horse), Saddlebags, Soldier’s Tent

Money: 174 ss


Bastard son of Lord Wayn, Tomas raised by Ser Jory Todd, one of his father’s knights out of the castle (as is proper.) When Robert’s Rebellion began, Tomas was among those Lord Wayn sent to fight against the Targaryens. During the Rebellion, he distinguished himself honorably, earning some distinction (but not quite enough to gain his spurs, very likely due to his Nemesis.) He returned home where he resumed his life as Ser Todd’s pseudo-squire.

Thanks to his status as Ser Todd’s pseudo-squire, Tomas has interacted with his father’s family a few times in recent years but is mostly indifferent toward them since they are essentially indifferent toward him as well.

Tomas Stone

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