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  • Tomas Stone

    Bastard son of Lord Wayn, Tomas raised by Ser Jory Todd, one of his father's knights out of the castle (as is proper.) When Robert's Rebellion began, Tomas was among those Lord Wayn sent to fight against the Targaryens. During the Rebellion, he …

  • Lord Bryce Wayn

    Said to be a failure and a buffoon by many. Lord Bryce was not his father's choice to succeed him, he did not have Galbart's skill at arms nor Beren's general excellence. And yet it was Bryce who became Lord. His first marriage was one of great love, but …

  • Liza Endon

    Daughter of Lord Bryce by his first wife, she has married into the ancient family of Endon from the Stormlands. h5. Heraldry of House Endon: !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/87844/Endon_Crest.png(Endon crest)!

  • Ser Jory Todd

    Friend and father figure to Tomas Stone, he is the last of his line. He has been raising Tomas with the intention of naming him his heir.

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