House Rules

Armor Penalty (Revised)

To determine the Armor Penalty, divide the Armor Penalty (in the book) by two, rounding up.

How is Combat Armor Penalty Applied

Combat Armor Penalty is used in place of Armor Penalty when determining your character’s Combat Defense score.

Armor Combat Armor Penalty Agility Armor Penalty Bulk
Robes 0 0 1
Padded 0 0 0
Soft Leather -1 -1 0
Hard Leather -1 -2 0
Bone or Wood -2 -3 1
Ring -1 -2 1
Hide -1 -2 2
Mail -2 -3 2
Breastplate -1 -2 3
Scale -2 -3 2
Splint -2 -3 3
Brigandine -2 -4 3
Half Plate -3 -5 3
Full Plate -3 -6 3

Essentially, the same as the Dodge action except it uses weapons to fend off attacks instead of just avoiding them. It’s an Agility test with bonus dice from the weapon being used in the defense. Be sure to add in Defense bonus from weapons and this becomes your CD. See Dodge for particulars.

Banner Houses

Landed Houses (New Power Holding).
Cost: 5 power

Landed Houses are referred to as Knightly houses in parts of Westeros where Knighting is common. Landed Houses typically have small lots of land, but have not been named Lord of a stronghold. They are essentially banner houses far too small to be a noble house, but far too great to be a simple Landed Knight house.

They get 3 dice in each area instead of the 5 that nobles house banner’s get. Players may not deflect the results of a House Fortune roll onto a Landed House. A Landed house can be raised through story means to a Minor House, or lose their landed status entirely. To be able to deflect House Fortune results on a banner house that started as a Landed House and raised in House Ranking, the player house must first invest the remaining cost in power.

It is assumed that your average Minor House would support a series of less significant Landed Houses that do not hold enough power to cost from this mechanic, but have sworn fealty to a lord and may have existed multiple generations.


A game of military strategy. Played on a board with pieces which include: war elephants, heavy horse, light horse, dragons and terrain types such as mountains and plains. Players place their pieces secretly behind a screen in the middle of the board then the screen is removed and play begins.

Rules for playing Cyvasse:

Each round the contestants may choose one of three actions.

*Pressing the attack – Cunning/Strategy test vs. Cunning/Strategy
*Winner gets an Advantage Point

*Subterfuge – Deception/Strategy test vs. Awareness/Empathy
*Loser takes a -1D penalty to next test

*Checking the move – Knowledge/Strategy test vs. Deception/Strategy
*Loser removes an Advantage Point

First player to three Advantage Points wins.

If both players end the round with negative Advantage Points the match is a draw.


*A character cannot start with higher than 5 in any ability without GM approval.

*A character may not raise any ability to 7 without GM approval.

House Rules

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