House Wayn

Lord: Lord Bryce Wayn
Lady: Lady Talya Wayn*
Notable Figures*: Rikard Wayn, Ser Galbart Wayn, Tomas Stone, Ser Beren Wayn(on the wall)
Pledge of Fealty: House Arryn
Stronghold: Ravenswacth
Rank: Minor

Wayn crest

Heraldry: A Black raven and argent Crescent moon on Sable
Motto: We fear not the night

House Wayn is an offshoot of House Arynn. The split occurred approximately 5500 years ago. Identical twin boys were born to the King of the Mountains and the Vale. One of them was favored, though it was not known which one was truly born first. The favored one told his brother that he would rule nothing and that the “darkness would blanket the world in eternal night” before his brother would have an inkling of power. They lived their separate lives while the “second” son won several glories in battle (though he was quite brutal and it was rumored that he drank the blood of his enemies from their severed heads.)
As a reward for his victories against their enemies, the father declared that he would award the “second” son lordship. For his sigil he copied the design of House Arryn, but changed a few details. Instead of a falcon he chose a raven and the moon was “waning” into a crescent. He changed the colors to black and dark blue.

Over the years there have been those in the family that have clamored for them to retake their birthright, but as of yet nothing has come of it. Mostly House Wayn and House Arryn are on friendly terms.

The Wayn lands once stretched for miles and miles across the Vale, however much of it was parceled away during the reign of Aegon I.

Lord Bryce Wayn current Lord of Ravenswatch has garnered a reputation for being something of a bumbling lackwit. By and large his decisions have resulted in failure and disgrace. Though he distinguished himself in the lists as a young man, Lord Bryce has no skill with running house affairs.



Very Weak

House Wayn Stats

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House Wayn

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