Ravenwatch Keep

Seat of House Wayn. Area was named for a spot nearby where spies would watch for messages being sent via raven & attempt to intercept.

The keeps walls include an inner castle sheltering an altar to the seven, stables, a small tower
for the maester’s use, a barracks, a smithy, ample storehouses, and other features standard to
a house’s seat. The ancient castle is immense and in less than perfect condition, however the castle has only fallen once in its history, when it came into the possession of House Wayn.

Retainers, sworn men, and servants

Castellan: Ser Rosney Cliff
Master-at-Arms: Galbart Wayn
Captain of the Guard: Ser Jarl Cliff
Master of the Hunt:
Masester: Maester Newall

Ravenwatch Keep

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